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Massage Therapy

We specialize in Trigger Point Massage. Our massage therapist can use a number of different techniques to loosen up the knots, including myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, and deep tissue massage. 

The goal of our therapeutic massage is to greatly reduce pain, to soften scar tissue, to lengthen the muscles and to promote circulation and blood flow.

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FSM Therapy

Frequency-specific microcurrent (FSM) is a way to relieve pain using very low levels of electrical current. This treatment option can be used on specific tissues in your body to help with pain caused by injuries or medical conditions. It’s typically painless.

ANF Therapy

Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy is a revolutionary, holistic approach to treating pain, inflammation and promoting faster healing.  ANF is a 72 Hour wearable frequency emitting therapy with NO contraindications. Each disc (currently 180 different disks) has it’s own unique frequency.  By combining disks we can normalize and optimize the body functions (nerves, muscles, organs, lymphatic system and hormonal production).

NKT Therapy

NeuroKinetic Therapy®, known as Neuromuscular Reprogramming® (NMR®) in its previous incarnation, is an innovative and increasingly well-known method of manual therapy which utilizes manual muscle testing to assess and correct dysfunctions of the coordination system of the brain. These dysfunctions commonly result from traumatic injury, over-use, under-use, repetitive stress, postural stress, etc.

Systemic Emotional Release Therapy

Systemic Emotional Release is an effective treatment for anxiety, with a profound effect on the nervous system, the production of stress hormones, and brain activation, rebalancing emotional dysregulation. This method is based on EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), Family System, concepts of Psychoanalysis, and Psychosomatic.  

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Brian is a Certified Neurokinetic Therapist at the highest level and is also a Certified Pain Therapist. He started learning Tui Na in Chinatown, Boston where his father was being treated for cancer with traditional Chinese medicine by famous healer Tom Tam. In that time Brian learned Tong Ren Therapy as well as Tui Na. From there Brian was very fortunate to work for and study with Nepalese healer Santosh Karmacharya in Cambridge, where he was introduced to a whole other view of treating dysfunction in the body from a biomechanics standpoint. This is where he began to learn about muscle testing and gait analysis to find and correct dysfunctional patterns. Brian has now been traveling all over the country studying and learning from the best Doctors and Practitioners in the world such as Dr Kathy Dooley, Dr Mikel Hoff, David Weinstock, Thomas Wells, and Dr. Carolyn McMakin. Having worked for years in a clinical setting with a sports physician has given him the experience and practice necessary to successfully treat various chronic and acute issues as well as sport related injuries. He continues to search for and study the latest and most cutting edge therapies to maximize his effectiveness.

Ana Paula

Ana Paula is Certified in Systemic Emotional Release Therapy. She prides herself on creating a safe, nourishing environment, and offers an individualized approach for her clients. Her focus is on seeking out the root cause of the physical and emotional challenges that her clients bring to her attention. Her goal is to help guide and support her clients on their healing journey. She understands that by healing ourselves, not only do we gain valuable coping skills for an emotionally-rich and healthy life, but also help to break the negative patterns for the generations ahead. Having walked through her own personal struggles, she wants to assure you that you don’t have to face your challenges alone. She is also a Portuguese speaker, native of Brazil.


Alexander is an intuitive and knowledgeable clinical massage specialist. He uses a blend of deep tissue, trigger point and myofascial techniques to find and release the source of your pain instead of just treating symptoms. The body is a multifaceted and interconnected system, and many times the source of our discomfort is not where we feel it. Alexander is particularly adept at tracing the postural and habitual causes of consistent pain, as well as the systems effected by recent injuries.

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Reaching a state of homeostasis is often times reached faster when also working with our emotional bodies. That is why we have combined energy healing therapy so that each client walks away feeling empowered to live their best life.